Frequently Asked Questions -FAQs

How can I get involved in the Fair Trade movement?

Please see our Get Involved section. Here you can find out about ways of volunteering, making donations and where to buy Fair Trade products.

What are my options for gaining Fair Trade recognition for my products or organization?

There are essentially two internationally recognized marks or labels. The first is issued by WFTO to registered members and is called the Fair Trade Organization Mark or FTO Mark for short. This is a mark to identify organizations that practice Fair Trade.

The other is issued by FLO (the Fairtrade Labeling Organization) and is called the Fairtrade Label (Link to FLO).

We wish to become a Fair Trade business - how do we go about it?

UGAFAT and its entire membership prescribe to World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) Principles, which are made public. These Principles are the yardstick against which we measure fair trade producers or producers who would like to change the nature of their businesses to a fair trade one before authorizing them to use WFTO Logo. UGAFAT is ready to provide help and advice to organizations desiring to become Fair Trade.

I am looking to source Fair Trade products for my business.

Please see our list of members to source fair trade products

I would like to volunteer with one of your members - how do I go about it?

Please go directly to our Members Lists to find the organization you would like to volunteer for, and approach them directly.