UGAFAT Membership Levels

1. Junior and Rural Membership

These are members who are individual youth or groups but have no voting rights and they do not hold office. Membership subscription for this is 50,000 (Uganda shillings)

2. Full organizational member

These are producer organizations, including small private businesses that adhere to fair trade principles and practices. Full members are expected to contribute in whatever form they are able to towards the achievement of the objectives of the network and they also have full voting rights. Membership subscription for this category is 150,000 (Uganda Shillings)

3. Full individual Member

These are individual producers who adhere to the principals and practices of fair trade. They have full voting rights and they pay a membership subscription of 100,000 (Uganda Shillings)

4. Associate members

Associate members include donor organizations and international agencies operating in the region that support fair trade as well as individuals who are interested in learning about and promoting fair trade. Associate members are not entitled to vote nor shall they hold office but they are required to pay the75000 (Uganda Shillings)

5. Honorary Members

These are members conferred by the general meeting in its discretion on any person who in its option is supportive of the aims and objectives of the Network and shall be for such duration as the organization determines. Subscription payment is 200,000 (Uganda Shillings.

6. Life Membership

This type of membership is open to any full member of the Organization who wishes to join the organization for life. The membership subscription is 200,000 (Uganda Shillings)